About Kat’s Work

The Sacred Feminine

Kat works predominantly in the medium of painting, but is exploring mixed media to further her artistic expression. Since expressive artist Kat Collins first put pencil to paper some twenty-odd years ago, she has continually believed in the power of the creative process of art as a healing force and a way to embrace the Sacred Feminine. She believes that making art frees the body’s healing mechanisms to heal – body, mind, and spirit.

Kat’s artwork is a dichotomy of light and dark, the yin and yang, the masculine and the feminine, with the continuing theme of “I Am Mother.” It is the valuing of motherhood, female bodies, emotions and feminine ways of knowing. Through reclaiming and reconnecting to the body and emotions, women who have been submissive and subordinate can begin to claim, or reclaim, their personal power, their passion for life, and a sense of the erotic.  Kat is painting images of the Sacred Feminine in all her aspects in hopes that she will touch the spirits of others, so they also can remember her, and call upon her energy to guide them down their own unique paths.

Kat’s work has been displayed at the Mansfield Art Gallery (Ohio), Mt. Vernon Nazarene University Art Gallery (Ohio), Bethlehem Juried Art Exhibition (Pennsylvania), and on the walls in homes. In 2003, Kat hand-painted a life-size fiberglass mule commissioned by the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce (PA). It was part of a larger project, “Miles of Mules,” which was a public art project designed to couple the beauty of art with the richness of history along the Delaware and Lehigh canals. Subsequently, the artwork and commentary was published in a coffee table book which you can purchase here. Kat has completed several commissioned pieces for a variety of occasions, and continues to do so.

With her interests spanning travel, psychology, culinary, wine, women’s health, and socio-cultural issues, Kat’s writing portfolio is varied. Kat is a passionate blogger with over 20 years blogging experience.  Among other publications, most recently she has contributed to Still Points Art QuarterlyAmerican Winery Guide, VineGardeValise and Culture Magazine.

Her work has been published on websites and by a small poetry journal. She has designed and written several publicity pieces, ad copy, promotional materials, newsletters, website copy, and more. In 2003, she co-wrote (and acted in) a small comedy play for a dinner theater, titled Kumbaya.

Kat studied her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts/Psychology, at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Ohio.

Kat’s work has been displayed at Cedar Crest College (Pennsylvania), Mansfield Art Gallery (Ohio), Schnormeier Gallery (Ohio), Bethlehem Juried Art Exhibition (Pennsylvania), and more. Her work is also displayed on the walls in homes. Kat received her B.A. in Fine Arts at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Ohio, in 1999.

Kat is also a Wine & Spirits Education Trust Level 2 graduate and blogs at Humble Wine Snob.